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About Us

IThe Tamarindo Lifeguard Program is a committee of the Association of Tamarindo (ADI).  We exist 100% through donations.  We have 2 full-time salaried lifeguards and various volunteer lifeguards working in Tamarindo.

Committee Team:
Víctor Núñez (Coordinator, Lifeguard)

Joe Walsh (Coordinador, Lifeguard)
Patrick McNulty (Coordinator, Lifeguard)
Jonathan Thompson (Lifeguard)
Sergio Picado (Lifeguard)
Ricardo Calderon (Lifeguard)
Martín Salerno (ADI)
Mauro Camera
Luis Seitur

Committee Function:

The Tamarindo Lifeguard program was created to support our local beach and create a safer beach environment for everyone to enjoy.  Our team of lifeguards are trained in water rescues, spinal injuries, CPR and first aid.  We monitor ocean conditions and help keep people safe from rip currents and dangerous tidal flows, especially from the estuary to the Pico Grande rocks.  We work in close liaison with the local police force to help provide a stronger sense of security on the beach.  Our aim is to further strengthen our community through various lifeguard programs and events that positively affect everyone.



Committee Goals:

Our goal is to receive enough funding so that we can maintain 3 full-time salaried lifeguards in Tamarindo.  This is a necessity for our community.  2 lifeguards must always be on duty every day, we need coverage for days off and vacation periods, and we have a very large beach area to protect.  We have a financial goal of $3,500/month to maintain our program at a basic and effective level.  Learn more by clicking here.

Contact Us

The best way to stay connected for future events, to make an inquiry, or to say hello is to use this contact form.  Pura Vida!

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