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The Tamarindo Lifeguard Program and the Association of Tamarindo (ADIT) are working hard to accomplish the following things for the community of Tamarindo:


  • Ensuring that Tamarindo’s lifeguard program exists indefinitely with 3 full-time lifeguards from 9am-6pm 365 days/year

  • Improving Tamarindo’s security by coordinating efforts with the local police, paramedics, fire department and Red Cross

  • Working hard to obtain the Blue Flag certification for Tamarindo

  • Empowering and strengthening the Tamarindo community



This program exists 100% through the donations and hard work from generous individuals and businesses like yourself. It all starts by signing up to our mailing list and staying connected.

Thank you for signing up! We promise not to spam you, or send you millions of emails. Just the important facts.


Now help us spread this message to the entire community of Tamarindo and the rest of the world!


  1. Like our Facebook page

  2. Share our Facebook page with your friends on Facebook

  3. Tell your friends and family to sign up to the Tamarindo lifeguard mailing list

Thank you for supporting the Tamarindo Lifeguard Program, you are making a difference and we appreciate it.


Obviously we can't pay the lifeguards with Facebook likes (we wish we could!).  Therefore, if you are a generous individual or local business and you can donate to this program by clicking the link below. Thank you.


The Tamarindo Lifeguards provide:

  1. A safe swimming and beach area every day 9AM-6PM

  2. Ongoing lifeguard training courses for local surf instructors, watermen, and volunteers

  3. A Junior Lifeguard program for the community's youth

  4. CPR and First Aid courses for the entire community (starting this fall)



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